Your headphones and glasses in one single device

Voxos gives you the opportunity to have your headphones and glasses in one device. Listen to music, take a phone call, receive GPS directions via your glasses and most importantly, leave your phone in your pocket. Your ears stay completely free, the technology will blow you away…

Lightweight and comfortable

Voxos are designed to be worn during extensively for long periods of time. That’s why we’ve designed them with the lightest components and most comfortable materials so they do not put a strain on your nose and behind your ears.

Go completely hands-free

Looking down at your mobile phone screen is not only inconvenient but it’s unsafe (especially in urban environments)! We designed Voxos to remove the need to check your phone. Voxos work with your favourite apps and you’ll only ever need to touch and swipe the side of your glasses to interact with them!

The device you actually want to wear

With it’s generic and sporty look Voxos fits with every outfit. The perfect fit makes wearing it not only fashionable, but also convenient. Whether blue, red, grey, black or green, you can choose from a large variety of lenses and we will provide you with Voxos with your own touch.


Voxos glasses are equipped with an integrated touchpad on the right side. This allows the user to interact with the main functions on the device without the need to look at the screen. Functions that can be activated include on device personal assistant, music, GPS/maps, calling, messaging, notifications, Apps.


Simply tap on your headset to control your device through Google Assistant or Siri. Use the inbuilt swipe and tap features to navigate your favourite apps and music.

10 hours battery

Voxos’ power lasts much longer than many standard headphones thanks to our smart technology.


Embrace all weathers when you are out and about.

Integrated mic

Simply tap on your headset to control your device through Google Assistant or Siri.

Anti UV

Designed to Anti UV400 specifications

Prescription lens compatible

Voxos smartglasses are fully compatible with prescription lenses. Ask us about our indiegogo offer for prescription lenses.

Polarized lenses

Voxos has polarised lenses providing superior glare protection.

Certified & durable

Voxos glasses are designed to last having passed multiple tests and certifications.

Need prescription lenses? No problem!

Voxos lens options

black tinted (plano)

polarized mirror red (plano)

polarized mirror grey (plano & prescription)

polarized mirror green (plano)

polarized mirror blue (prescription & plano)

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