The Founders

Sanjay Daswani Founder & CEO  

Sanjay Daswani, Founder & CEO

Maja Köberl, Co-Founder

Sanjay is a business management specialist focused on wireless and mobile technologies. Having spent more than 20 years in this space he has worked across the entire ecosystem covering middleware platform providers, infrastructure suppliers, operators and device manufacturers. He has been involved in major projects such as the roll out of the first IP based SMSC for Virgin Mobile USA the implementation of Vodafone branded mobile email proposition launched to compete with Blackberry and the relaunch of Palm/HP across EMEA. Sanjay is also an international executive having lived and worked in Japan, Spain, UK and the United States. Over the past few years, Sanjay’s focus has been on bringing revolutionary innovative technology into the hands of end consumers through the implementation of ground breaking solutions. His ultimate goal is to improve people’s lives through innovation.

Maja believes that music can capture an emotional state or personal situation in the best way possible. Whether it is on the train, while driving, walking outside or while doing random things like working, reading, she considers music her best companion. As much as she loves listening to music, she enjoys nourishing her mind with audiobooks which she used to listen to with headphones whilst on the go, not aware of the dangers they can pose. On one occasion Maja witnessed a women next to her on a station platform getting hit by a train a flying across the platform. The woman was disconnected from her surroundings and could not hear the approaching train, she ended up with serious head injuries. This is what drove Maja to research and develop a solution to ensure this does not happen to others and how she discovered bone conduction technology. She never liked the look and feel of bone conduction headphones, especially because they can’t be used together with glasses, so she worked with Sanjay and her team to create Voxos, to provide everyone with a alternative to headphones that are stylish, functional and safe.